Be scent aware. Please avoid the use of strong scents when travelling. Strong scents can have adverse health effects on customers.

Wheel-Trans operator and passenger in subway stationCommunity BusCustomer exits a TTC bus

What’s new at Wheel-Trans

Coming soon: A new Wheel-Trans Reservations and Scheduling System

Wheel-Trans is upgrading its online Reservations and Scheduling system. The first phase is now underway and you, our customer, will see the following improvements and changes:

  • A new site that is simpler, easier to use and navigate to book, schedule, cancel and modify Wheel-Trans trips.
  • The new site will now allow booking of multi-legged trips.
  • Customers with Conditional Eligibility will now be able to book Family of Services (FOS) trips and will no longer have to rely on calling the Reservations Contact Centre to book their trips.
  • The new website will allow trips to be booked 24/7.
  • The website will include a map function to provide a visual aid while choosing addresses.
  • A newly designed home page will host Wheel-Trans news and important updates.
  • Our customers can log in to the new booking website to notify Wheel-Trans if they are not picked up on time.
  • When booking regularly scheduled trips, you can choose to keep your scheduled trips on statutory holidays.
  • The new website will allow trips which have already been booked to be modified; you will no longer have to cancel your trips and reschedule in order to change details of the trip.

You will still be able to enjoy and make use of:

  • Recent trip locations remembered
  • Favourites remembered
  • Default home location remembered
  • Trip interruptions (to schedule breaks in regularly occurring trips)

We expect the site to go live by end of 2018. Stay tuned!

If you have any feedback or comments, please direct them to Wheel-Trans customer service at W88wtcs@W88

Public Forum on Accessibility, December 13, 2018

The Public Forum on Accessibility will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s North Building, 255 Front Street West, Rooms 205 and 206 on Thursday, December 13. One-on-on discussions will take place from 6-7 p.m. and the public forum will run from 7-9 p.m. This meeting will also be live streamed at W88

East York 404

This Community Bus provides convenient, accessible, scheduled weekday service to shops, groceries, community centres and seniors’ residences in East York.

Now providing service to the front door of FreshCo. at Victoria Park Avenue and Gerrard Street East.

FreshCo. Pharmacy Ride n’ Learn

Get onboard with your health! The TTC has partnered with FreshCo. Pharmacy at Victoria Park Avenue and Gerrard Street East. On select days, 404 East York Community Bus customers can receive health tips from a FreshCo. Pharmacist and ask questions while on route to their destination.

The Pharmacist will board the Westbound bus at FreshCo. Community Bus schedules are available online or in-store. View our community Bus section for more information.

AMI Explores accessible low-floor streetcars

TTC Wheel-Trans, Streetcar and Training Departments came together for a special Vehicle Exploration Day event for customers who are blind or low-vision. Desrianne McKilwrick, TTC’s Lead Travel Trainer led the exploration, which focused on demonstrating the features of accessible low-floor streetcars. The event was filmed by Accessible Media Inc and recently aired on AMI this Week. This segment is the first of an on-going “How to” series with AMI focusing on accessibility and featuring persons with disabilities using conventional public transportation. View the new video on Toronto's accessible streetcars External link opens in new window..

New Customer Policies

New policies for safer and more respectful transit experience
As part of our Customer Experience Strategy, Wheel-Trans has made a commitment to update all customer policies over the next year. It is our goal to create policies that are simple and flexible and to create a safe and respectful environment for everyone using Wheel-Trans services. By defining clear rules and guidelines for all persons using or interacting with Wheel-Trans, our customers will know what to expect and how Wheel-Trans will support them on their journey.

To review our policies or learn more visit Customer Policies.

Travel Training

Are you looking to gain independence and have flexibility? Say goodbye to planning your trips days in advance!

Travel Training is your key to traveling when you want, where you want, and how you want! 

What is Travel Training?

Travel Training is the TTC’s new program where Wheel-Trans customers can receive free training on the bus, subway, streetcar and community bus systems to improve their transit experience.

Our goal is to support customers that want to learn how to travel safely and independently on TTC services, and to help customers improve their travel skills and increase their confidence. This program is designed to teach customers about all the accessibility features on TTC,  and to assist customers with navigating around Toronto.

One-on-one travel training is designed to meet the personalized needs of the customer.  Our travel trainer will spend up to four 1:1  sessions travelling with the customer on the route of their choice.

The Travel Trainer will plan the route with all the accommodations the customer needs, and travel with the customer on their journey. The travel training process is designed to help customers improve their travel skills, reduce anxiety or fear of the unknown, and to help the customer reinforce the skills they need to ride the fixed route transit system independently with confidence.

The program features include: planning your trip with the accommodations you need, way finding and navigation, using PRESTO, boarding vehicles, requesting accessible features, and problem solving tips for when unexpected challenges, such as delays and closures happen.

This program supports the Wheel-Trans vision for: “accessible transit service that ensures dignity, spontaneity, fairness and freedom of travel for all customers” and represents true freedom for each person and their abilities.

Why participate in travel training?

  • No need to plan your life in advance. You can live spontaneously! Go when you want, where you want, how you want!
  • Gain independence.  Have flexibility. Build self – esteem. Feel empowered. Better quality of life.
  • No need to worry about no shows
  • No need to worry about having rides put on waitlist
  • No life happens points
  • Guaranteed Wheel-Trans rides within 4 hours for same day family of service rides , and short wait times when booking a Family of Services trip
  • Be more involved in the  community and connect with others

Sign up today!

For more information, please contact traveltraining@W88 or call 416-393-4111.

Go to mywheel-trans. W88 to book online or call the RideLine at 416-397-8000 to book your rides.

To choose your destination choose “Landmark Type,” then ”CommCntr/Attrn/Office/Library/Rel/Park” and then choose “Variety Village, Main Ent (3701 Danforth Ave, Scarborough). Landmark note – use main entrance.

Let’s help plan your Family of Services Trip

With TTC’s Family of Services, Wheel-Trans customers have access to more independent and flexible travel options. Customers can book Wheel-Trans trips that connect to accessible subway stations and select bus stops across the city. Whether you are a customer who has been approved for Wheel-Trans service with conditional eligibility or if you are a Wheel-Trans customer who likes to take conventional transit (bus, Community Bus, subway, streetcar) Wheel-Trans staff can plan your entire journey.  Learn more about Family of Services.

Use of video on Wheel-Trans

All Wheel-Trans buses are equipped with cameras and video recording systems. The information and images collected by these systems may be used as part of the eligibility re-assessment process. This information is communicated to the public by:

  • Decals on Wheel-Trans vehicles
  • Personal information and privacy statement in the Wheel-Trans Application Form, Appeal Form, Customer Welcome Package and W88