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Dhananjaya Wellness (DW) was founded on 24 June 2012 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Mr. D Ramanathan., B.Sc (Agri)., MBA., Associate Financial Planner., MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Life Insurance Ex-Adviser, Ex-Investment Consultant, NLP Practitioner, Entrepreneur  and Millionaire Coach., is the Principal Consultant of Dhananjaya Wellness. We are a Wellness Pro with a HUGE PASSION for helping people attain their wellness goals!!

We help people and families to design a SUPER HEALTHY LIFE naturally through a holistic process of balanced dietary regime, effective stress management solutions & small changes in the lifestyle that can prevent 90% of chronic illnesses in the society and also help reduce the medical bills & hospital expenses drastically.

Dhananjaya Wellness (DW) is now a team of highly focused Wellness professionals and We are catering to the wellness, beauty care, personal care, skin care industry in South India, with our office in Chennai, India. Amazingly, our total consumer base has now crossed 1000 plus. And now our business has spread across Chennai, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and a few other countries too.

We are dealing with world class Aloe Vera Drinks, Products of the Bee Hive, Nutritional Supplements, Proven Weight Management Programs, Tummy Reduction kits, Aloe based natural products for skin care & personal care, Aloe Vera based Facial Kit, premium natural color cosmetics.

We help people and families to design a SUPER HEALTHY LIFE though proven world class aloe products and proven natural health concepts across the globe for over 39 years.

We are sure that you would enjoy and feel the benefits of our World Class Aloe Vera Products with telling difference. In fact, we at DW would go one step further to boldly state that FLP's Aloe Vera Products has delivered MIRACULOUS RESULTs to many people across the globe. WELLNESS REDEFINED. Through the Aloe Revolution.

To bring the remarkable properties of Aloe Vera to your whole body and your family, just try a few of our world class aloe vera products. To research a few of our products, please REGISTER FOR A FREE WELLNESS CONSULTATION below.